Renault Kadjar, offer: cheaper than the SEAT Ateca or the KIA Sportage

The Renault Kadjar is the offensive of Renault in the segment of the crossover means, the alternative of the French firm to the SEAT, Ateca, the Hyundai Tucson, the new Peugeot 3008, an alternative that is currently in offer and yes the SEAT Ateca by 18.800 euros it seems tempting to you can not stop to assess the option of a Renault Kadjar by 16.550 euros, although its endowment of equipment is significantly lower.

As it comes being usual in this type of offers you will have to finance the purchase, to welcome you to the maximum discount:

This promotional price, the above-mentioned 16.550 euros, is subject to, among other promotions, the contribution of the Plan Pive and the discount finance the purchase price with financial proposal for the brand.

Account with the petrol engine of 130 horses and the finish Life, the line of access to the range of the Renault Kadjar and that leaves us with the equipment of series in which we find ourselves with a basic supply which does not lack air-conditioning manual, radio CD with MP3 player, bluetooth, USB socket and cruise control. No, it does not have alloy wheels.

is A good option?

Without a doubt, has a current image and a good livability in its interior, but the provision of equipment of this promo version is really limited. In his favor play no doubt its price.

An alternative?

in Addition to the above-mentioned introductory offer of the SEAT, Ateca, for 18.800 euro, you can’t lose sight of the Nissan Qashqai, KIA Sportage or its “cousin” the Hyundai Tucson, all also with versions below 20,000 euros (perhaps in the case of the Qashqai will compensate you stretch the budget up to the 20.425 euros Nissan Qashqai N-Connecta).