Renault Kangoo Z:E. and Master Z. E.: new commercial electric French


Range light commercial and the new Master’s Z. E.

The division of commercial vehicles of Renault today unveiled their latest range of commercial electrical, new Kangoo Z. E.’s and Master’s Z. E. on the one hand, the electric version of the Kangoo gets enhancements to battery level and mechanical and on the other, the French firm presents its new electric large capacity, the Master’s Z. E.

The new Kangoo Z. E. now available new Lithium battery, that along with their new engine allows it to be the light commercial vehicle electric with rear box more capable of the market, with up to 270 kms of autonomy in the cycle NEDC. A substantial improvement with respect to the previous version, which had 170 miles of maximum range.

According to Renault, on conditions of actual use the new Kangoo Z. E. is able to achieve 200 miles on a single charge, which allows a range of action far greater and a space of time between charges, ideal for professionals can now benefit from this new alternative power within the segment.


New Kangoo Z. E. 2017

The new Kangoo Z. E. has a new battery 33kWh and its new engine, fully developed by the French firm, delivers 60 HP. This mechanism is based on the one used by the Zoe, who also has a commercial version and that is capable of introducing up to 400 kms range.

Thanks to his new charger, it is able to complete the full capacity of the batteries in only 6 hours, and with only one hour of charging you can have a range of up to 35 kilometers. The new Kangoo Z. E. will be built in France and will hit the market in mid-2017.

Renault Master Z. E.

Next to the new Kangoo electric Renault has revealed also, that will be your commercial el├ęctrio higher capacity, the electric version of the van Master. This employs the same battery of 33 kWh premiered now by the Kangoo Z. E. and the engine R75 77 CV’s to Zoe. Reaches a range of autonomy in cycle NEDC of up to 200 kilometres, so that is a great option for those companies or professionals sharing in urban territory.


The first van of big size electric on the market.

The new Master’s Z. E. you need less than a night to complete a load and will be available in the market in the european at the end of 2017.