Renault Kaptur, the Russian version of the Capture that also occur in Brazil

Today Renault spread the first images and official information of the new Kaptur, the version for the Russian market of the Capture, which will also be produced and sold in South america.

Renault-Kaptur-1 Hace a few days we met him through a first photo, which by way of advancement has enabled us to get to know your silhouette, and today Renault was presented in a formal manner. This is the new Kaptur, a crossover destined for the Russian market, but that will also be marketed in other markets Eastern Europe and Latin America, since it is envisaged to manufacture in Brazil, in addition to in Russia.

The new Renault Kaptur is inspired by the Capture well-known in the rest of the world, although a size larger, with a higher habitability and a new design for the front. By dimensions, the Kaptur is right half way between the Capture and the Kadjar, with a length of 4,33 m.


with Respect to the Capture, is larger and opens a new front inspired by the Mégane.

Not only is bigger than the Capture, but that its free height to the soil is also greater, with 204 mm The interior is spacious, although its load capacity has not been modified with respect to the Capture, since it has 387 litre capacity, which can be expanded up to reach the 1,200-litres when folding down the backrest of the back seats.

In aesthetic terms, its front is inspired by the aspect that today have the most recent products of Renault, such as the Talisman or the Mégane. Behind stand out your headlights for LEDS, while the interior is in evidence, that shares many elements are the Capture. Between your choices of equipment are a system of information and entertainment Media NAV with 7-inch touch screen, and Bluetooth streaming audio, keyless, start button, etc

By the time Renault has not provided information about your offer mechanical, but confirmed that the model will have all-wheel drive series. In terms of engines, will probably use the Tec gasoline of up to 200 HP and the diesel dCi up to 130 HP.


Author: Adrian

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