Renault Kayou could be the name of the compact to be presented on May 20


Renault will present the May 20 a new product segment A, based on the Datsun Redi-Go concept. The model will be manufactured in India and Brazil shall replace the Clio Mio in South America and possibly the denominated Renault Kayou .


Renault Kayou XBA H ace months since we know the intentions of Renault launching a new product based on the modular platform CMF-A life to a small economical car Segment A , in South America serve as a substitute for the current Clio Mine.

The diamond mark is confirmed that next May 20 when the new Renault is presented in India. It is a global product, according to different markets, adopt different identities, both the marda Renault as Dacia and Datsun.

On May 20 debut in India a new global product Segment A.

The charge of publicizing this new product to the world will Carlos Ghosn and ensure that at least in India, the model will have a look of style crossover. Although has not been confirmed officially, some Indian media said it will Renault Kayou trade name.

The French brand has the intentions of the Kayou reach the Indian market before the end of the year and make a small three-cylinder engine and 800 cubic centimeters displacement which will be associated with a manual gearbox or a 4-speed automatic.

Ensure that the same propellant is available when the Renault Kayou be manufactured in Brazil, although conveniently adapted for operation on ethanol. However, some Brazilian media said it could take a 1.0 liter configuration, something closer to the taste of Brazilian consumers.

For further details will have to wait a month when the model becomes official in India.





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