Renault Koleos 2017: a great SUV to conquer them all that will come at the beginning of 2017

change or die. Here’s a question. Renault needed a boost for its range SUV, and this came, we do not be the slightest doubt, with the launch of the Renault Kadjar. And with him we could only expect the withdrawal, or reinvention, of the Renault Koleos. And luckily Renault has opted for the second solution, to reinvent the concept of the SUV of compact dimensions with a new Renault Koleos 2017 that aims high in its claims, more large, more campero, and with the target set in Europe, where they will begin to be sold at the beginning of 2017, and the rest of the world.

The Renault Koleos will continue to be manufactured in South Korea and will arrive in Europe in early 2017.

Renault wanted a new Koleos distinguished, and that is why it has opted with a-line design that differentiates it significantly from the Renault Kadjar, and that gives you a step further more by reviewing the aesthetic that already began to be imposed with the new Renault Talisman and Renault Mégane.

Renault ensures that, according to versions, this Renault Koleos will offer a free height of up to 213 mm and some angles of attack and departure of 19 and 26 degrees, respectively. It will be available with wheels up to 19 inches, and, of course, aluminium roof bars.

renault-koleos-2017-06Will ship with two rows of seats, and as a consequence 5 squares.

The Renault Koleos is a large SUV, with a length of 4.67 meters which places it immediately above the Renault Kadjar and almost on par with its cousin the Nissan X-Trail. Their similar aesthetic with the Talisman, according to Renault, is not casual. Renault admits that Koleos and Talisman have been designed in parallel, by the same team of designers dirigdo by Alexis Martot.

Despite its size, the Renault Koleos 2017 will be a five seater, and for the moment seems not to go to market with a third row of seats. In any case, its dimensions ensure space in torrents, especially in the rear seat and in its trunk, which has a load capacity of up to 624 liters.

Like its predecessor, this Renault Koleos will be produced in the factory of the Renault alliance in Busan, in South Korea. Will also be built in China, in Wuhan, although its production in this factory will go entirely for the local market. According to Renault, this Koleos will be the model with an international distribution more extensive of its entire range of products, with significant interests in markets such as Africa, Latin america, Australia and the Persian Gulf.


waiting for more details about it, the Renault Koleos will be launched with two diesel engines and two petrol engines, with outputs ranging between 130 and 175 HP, with alternatives of manual switching and automatic X-Tronic and, of course, alternatives of front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive.

Source: Renault
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