Renault Master 4×4, all-wheel drive and a reduction gear as allies

Renault Master 4x4For those who need to reach the most remote areas, the only option with awd in the range of commercial vehicles of the French manufacturer is the Renault Master 4×4. Complements to the versions with the Extended Grip, or with a limited-slip differential X-Track. This transformation is already available and is done by the specialist Oberaigner Automotive on the versions panel van or chassis cab single and double in two battles different. The traction can be associated with the diesel engines of 125, 135 and 165 HP of power, always with manual change of six relations.

The system is based on the versions of propulsion and traction is connectable (sharing 50:50) with a a reduction gear with a reduction ratio of 1:1,42. the traction is activated from a button up to a maximum speed of 25 km/h, while the reduction gear is also connected in the same way, but with the vehicle stopped. Optionally, you can equip the locking rear differential.

Renault Master 4x4

The traction 4×4 is offered in the vans and versions chassis cab

in Addition to the protections of low-and tires M+S, the height of suspension of the Renault Master 4×4 is 65 mm higher in the front axle and 58, or 45 mm higher in the rear depending on if you are carrying single wheels or twin, respectively. Having no center differential, all-wheel drive you can only connect when the adhesion is bad.

The Renault Master 4×4, in function of its configuration, can have a ground clearance of 197 mm. The attack angle is 23.5 degrees (23 in long battle) and the ventral ranges between 10.7 and 12.2 º. The exit angle moves between 10 and 12. The wading capacity is only 30 centimeters, traveling less than 10 km/h.

Source – Renault

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Renault Master

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