Renault Megane 2016: wider, lower, more spectacular

The Frankfurt 2015 has been the site chosen by Renault to introduce a new generation of Renault Megane , a Renault Megane that comes proposing a new design that follows the path seen in the new product line of the brand, with particular attention to the course set by the Renault Talisman, the new sedan of the firm.

By now Renault reserves the technical details, mechanical or official pictures of its interior.

Renault reserves the details about your engine, their technologies and even images of the compartment for launch during that room, that we remember will open next week.

These images confirm the recent leak and allow us also to go searching the aesthetic direction taken by this new generation M├ęgane.

Wearing a striking line that have much to say their Optical day set for the front and optical design of the rear, we find that this new Renault Megane has a wider , where 47 mm wider at the front and 39 mm at the rear .

Furthermore, this new Renault Megane is lower , 28 mm more than the outgoing generation.

will not miss a GT version:

SELECTION PRESSE - VERSION GT Renault has used the launch of this new generation of the Renault Megane to introduce longer a GT version features a more sporty look, meeting with a new grille, new rear diffuser with integrated dual exhaust outlet or new set of wheels .

Do not miss the compartment and in the first leaked images of the new Renault Megane:

we could already see the Renault Megane in a number of filtered images in which it also has taught inside, by now officially hidden. As expected in the interior of the new Renault Megane be much prominence to a large touch screen turned into the centerpiece of your dashboard. You can see all the leaked images of the new Renault Megane in the article “The new Renault Megane 2016 filtered before time, 19 images, and is spectacular!”.

gallery of official pictures of the new Renault Megane:


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