Renault Megane RS 2018: new filtration shows the full


New images the full of the Renault Megane RS.

The new Renault Mégane RS has not yet reached the street and already is on track to beat the record of leaks and previews to its true official presentation, because it is not only what we have seen in numerous spy photos and leaks several, but the brand itself has been presented in the form of a prototype, pre-production, equipped even with a camouflage-type vinyl.

Their forms final not only we have been able to see in photographs, in addition to a recent patent application of the mark published by the World Organization of Intellectual Property we showed the new model from all possible angles, confirming that the features that we already expected from the model.

In this new images, published by, we meet again with the Mégane RS to the nude, although these images we show in great detail in an attractive choice of color red.


The traits are the ones that we already knew.

In this color option, the new Megane RS appears rabidly sports, the bulky bumpers and widened wheel arches, marked by multiple air inlets and outlets, give this version a very dynamic looking and sporty compact French.

These new images do not show any new element with respect to the filtered previously and to the units that showed Renault are still camouflaged. For the moment, we do not have official confirmation of the mechanical upgrades, but the brand already announced that the new Megane R. S. will be a choice of manual transmission and automatic EDC double clutch

The new Megane RS will be presented at the next Frankfurt motor show 2017, an event will be held from the 14th to the 24th of September 2017, although we do not rule out an official presentation a little before the opening of the German event.