Renault Mégane Sedan 2017, the variant is back

Renault Mégane Sedán 2017 - foto espía

First spy photos of the new Renault Mégane Sedan 2017.

family Mégane Renault has always been composed by a great variety of bodies and variants, something that has served to convert the iconic compact French in the central pillar of the brand. Yes, the variant sedan of the Renault Mégane stopped being available in the market with the arrival of the new generation. For these parts under the name of Fluence. Since then, the brand has lacked such an option in its range.

well, today we can confirm that the Renault Mégane Sedan is back. And is that our photographers have managed to hunt for the first time this variant that is currently in development. A few spy pictures of very revealing with the that to confirm that the current-generation Mégane, the fourth, will be very soon available this body in its range.

For the moment it is too early to warn of if it will be marketed under the name Fluence or if Renault will opt for to return to the origins of the model and continue to use the name Megane. Although, this is the least of it, because what is really important is that this model is back. Is positioned as a more practical option in comparison with the own model of body-hatchback.

Renault Mégane Sedán 2017 - foto espía

On his return it could be sold under the name Fluence or Megane.

Taking a look and analyzing these spy photos, we find what we would call a “Baby Talisman”. And is that at all points, and with these spy photos so we can see that the new Renault Mégane Sedan will have a design influenced in large measure, by the new Talisman.

although, the front area is very similar to that of the current Mégane. And it is logical that this is so. Now, in the rear area we will find the most radical changes. It is in the area where the greatest influence of Renault Talisman.

¿When it will come to the market? Taking into account the dates in which we find ourselves and the phase in which the unit is found of tests taken by our photographers, we can assume that the new Renault Megane Sedan will be a reality early next year 2017.