Renault Megane Sedan Renault Talisman in the thumbnail you can already see in 19 images

We are of congratulations. Especially those that we have always felt a certain fondness for the sedan of a lifetime. And even more that we are encouraged that, in the years in which we only see crossovers, there products to some extent irreverent. And is that the new Renault Megane Sedan 2016 is, in short, a product irreverent, a new sedan in a category dominated by SUVS, which are relegated to the saloon three bodies of yesteryear to a role almost symbolic, reserved for models of large size, and the premium, which dominate the category with an iron hand. Renault just introduce the third and last body of the range Renault Mégane. A Renault Mégane Sedan that we could well define as Renault Talisman in miniature and that Spain could receive the designation Renault Mégane Grand Coupe.

After having occupied this space with a Renault Fluence that, in Europe, passed with more pain than glory, Renault bet for the return of the Renault Mégane Sedan, a body that in previous generations of the Megane, yes it was relevant. And that movement is extremely interesting, because it guarantees the presence of a sedan with compact dimensions and standards of quality, design and equipment – which by the way are at a high level – of the new generation of the Renault Mégane.

Before the end of this year, we’ll see in dealerships, the new Renault Mégane Sedan, the same that you can already see in these 19 images.


The great novelty of this Renault Mégane Sedan is in have extended his body with an extension for the trunk. That extent, that rear overhang, it has been a big change in its design, that much closer to the aesthetics of its bigger brother, the Renault Talisman. And is that definitely that was the aim of Renault, the to provide a thumbnail version of the Renault Talisman, more economical, more compact, but also equipped and stylish.

renault-megane-sedan-2016-15For the moment we do not know the dimensions exact of this new Renault Mégane Sedan. What we do know is that your trunk will enjoy a load capacity of 508 liters.

renault-megane-sedan-2016-02Another of the most interesting details of the Renault Mégane Sedan is the integration of the roof line and the rear overhang. Renault has opted for offering a combination of panoramic roof glass, which is not complete, and ceiling black, which at least generates the visual sensation of the moon front it blends with the bezel later.

renault-megane-sedan-2016-08In terms of engines, we know that it will be available, at least, with a gasoline engine and three diesel. The engines of the Renault Mégane Sedan will be a Tec 130, available with manual gearbox or automatic EDC double clutch, and the dCi 90, dCi 110 and dCi 130 which we already find in the rest of the range Renault Mégane. The dCi 110 will also be available with the change of double clutch EDC six relationships.

As the old Renault Fluence, the Renault Mégane Sedan will be manufactured in the factory of Renault in Bursa, Turkey.


In the coming days we will keep you providing more details about the new Renault Mégane Sedan 2016.

Source: Renault