Renault Mégane Sport Tourer, a teaser prior to be submitted

even Before the opening of the Geneva motor show, Renault wants us to know the variant that is missing its renewed compact, the Renault Mégane Sport Tourer. It is the only body different that will be to the compact, as you all know, since some years ago, the French brand has gotten rid of the versions of three-door.


Renault gives us an insight of the family version of the Mégane in the form of a teaser

We have before us the variant most familiar of all, the variant that we have already been able to see in any occasion thanks to various spy photos. The truth is that Renault has not followed the usual steps as to extension of body it is, as we see as has not been limited to lengthen the line of the roof, but has worked more in all aspects.

The main of them is the line of the windows. In the Renault Mégane we observe as the stroke is more horizontal, however in this occasion it presents us with an ascending line, at least in the teaser. It comes together in a C-pillar is not too thick and to a gate of great size which will facilitate the loading and unloading of objects.

beyond the design change is not expected to have more changes with respect to the compact version. Renault will mount the same engines and transmissions that we already know. The only thing that really varies is the cargo space, going from 384 litres of capacity current a figure that should average between 450 and 500 litres.


it will Equip the same engines and gearboxes that we already know

Although the Renault Mégane Sport Tourer, 2016 will be presented officially in just four days, it will not be until the Geneva motor show when we can see it at the natural. After passing through the sample, switzerland will start its production and subsequent marketing. The price for the moment is unknown.