Renault-Nissan along with Chronocam investigated in artificial vision

Alianza Renault-Nissan

The development of driving autonomously has become something very important for the firms cars. Because not only do they want to have an autonomous car, but they want to control the development of the technology to ride these cars to be the most competitive and aggressive industry. All brands are working at full capacity, but each one does it in the best way he knows.

One of the more involved is the Alliance franco-japanese Renault-Nissan. As confirmed by its president, Carlos Ghosn, the alliance has signed an agreement of strategic development with Chronocam. This company has created a new artificial vision system based on the operation of the human eye. With them driving autonomous would be easier since they solve many of the problems that currently have this type of vision systems.

Renault y Chronocam

With this agreement, Renault will benefit in how their systems driving assistance (ADAS) to detect and treat the information they get from the outside. In this way their aid will be better prepared, and both firms will be able to increase the pace in the development of driving autonomously.

With this new system created by Chronocam the Aliazna Renault-Nissan will be able to improve their system to avoid collisions with both pedestrians, cyclists or animals in the roadway, to detect the angles dead, and the possible risks that exist in the perimeter of the vehicle; as well as other functions basic to improve the safety of the people travelling on board the vehicle and which are located on the outside.

According to the Renault-Nissan Alliance with the new vision system created by Chronocam it may reduce the costs of development and implementation of this technology in autonomous vehicles and therefore will be able to create a space safer driving for all, while more accessible to all pockets.

Source – Renault-Nissan Alliance