Renault-Nissan and Microsoft join forces to create autonomous cars

Alianza Renault-Nissancars self-employed are becoming a priority absolute to many vehicle manufacturers. If the Renault-Nissan Alliance are already number one when speaking of vehicles electrical doesn’t want to stay back in the business of the self-employed. To do this several days ago, the alliance announced the acquisition of the company developer software French Sylpheo.

Thanks to this acquisition, the Renault-Nissan Alliance gave a step further to create the technology necessary to develop their own vehicles self-employed. In addition, this company also focus your efforts to create new platforms infotainment that will set up the next models of the group franco-japanese. However, in certain fields, any help you may seem little and this is why Renault-Nissan announced a partnership with Microsoft.

Renault-Nissan MicrosoftThe american giant is dedicated to the computer science do not want to devote himself to it issues and it gets squarely in the race for the vehicle self-contained. Microsoft is not the first time that working with other marks cars, as Group Fiat Chrysler Automobile, to develop the set of technology needed for these brands to market its own autonomous cars.

In this case according to Ogi Redzic, director of the department of motor vehicles and connected mobility services from the Renault-Nissan Alliance the agreement with Microsoft seeks to develop the technology necessary that claim their customers when they come to the dealerships to buy a new vehicle. In addition to this agreement intend preempt to the needs and tastes of the customers so that they would seek to create the technology for the communication of the future.

The platform of choice to work together is the Azure of Microsoft. This platform is the ideal medium to interact with multiple operating systems. Also allows you to work your programming with various languages and tools so that its scalability is unlimited. This feature makes the next generations of models of the Alliance are compatible and can communicate even though they are in different countries.

This agreement of collaboration along with Sylpheo and the Renault-Nissan Alliance will launch a new applications and services connected. With them, drivers will be able to be completely connected to their environments network, favorite sites, social networks. In addition, it will serve also for the brand to be able to monitor at any time the data concerning the vehicle, its use, maintenance and security if necessary.

Source – Renault-Nissan