Renault, Nissan and Mitsubishi will manufacture electric cars together

Nissan Leaf

you Yesterday we reported that the Alliance Renault-Nissan is developing a new platform with which to give life to the substitutes of the Leaf and Zoe. With it, the development costs for both vehicles would be diminished in a sensitive way and the return of this investment would be forthcoming much earlier. However with the purchase of a Mitsubishi Nissan we have another member in this equation to distribute costs and increase the profitability of the investment.

Mitsubishi, like his now partner, as in the market for an electric car (IMiev), and a hybrid plug-in (the Outlander PHEV) are very interesting for what knowledge on the subject has plenty to spare. If we consider that the electric cars of both brands are coming to the end of its commercial cycle (more or less) there is nothing unreasonable to take for good the information that you have posted, the japanese daily Nikkei.

Mitsubishi IMiev

According to this means of communication Nissan, Renault and Mitsubishi merged their knowledge in regards to electric vehicles to develop a common platform to give life to its upcoming electric models. With this movement looking to the development costs fall to a minimum and therefore the selling price of these are set at levels very close to those who have cars with mechanical diesel and gasoline.

Renault ZOE

To be certain this information the Alliance Renault-Nissan + Mitsubishi will become a monster in terms of vehicles powered by electricity. Currently the French and japanese are leaders absolutes in regard to the sale of cars of this type in the world and with the entry of Mitsubishi and the good position they have in certain markets (Asia and China) can complicate things a lot, the rest of manufacturers.

Meanwhile have to wait and see how to react to major manufacturers in addition to the speed with which they make the integration of Mitsubishi into the Alliance.

Source – Nikkei Newspaper