Renault-Nissan announces more than 10 cars with technology semi-autonomous 2020

Coches semi-autónomos Renault Nissanin The same way that in his time spoke of the space race, in the next decade we will be able to talk about the race for the autonomous car. This technology, that every time you add a greater number of manufacturers, is one of the most revolutionary in the history of the car. A technology that will not go long by Renault-Nissan as a group.

The alliance francojaponesa just announced their route plan on this subject for the next four years. That is to say, by 2020 autonomous cars will have much of a presence in the range of both manufacturers, including Renault, Nissan and also Infiniti. Us announces to the group that in four years there will be more than 10 cars with technology semi-autonomous in your offer.

Coches semi-autónomos Renault NissanWith this semi-autonomous stand up to detail, and is that the group believes that the technology, fully autonomous yet to come. It was expected and will happen what we all knew, little by little they will be implementing autonomous systems before arriving at a car that’s disregarding completely the driver to move. Your plan is a phased and evolutionary.

This same year released a new system that will allow the car stay in the lane without driver intervention. That is to say, that the car will be able to stay in the lane acting on the direction of maintain speed, the distance with the car that we precede and slow down in case we are unable to continue the march, for example in traffic jams. This is something that already exists, but which by regulation require the driver to stay in his position with the steering wheel seized. Let’s not forget that the autonomous cars in Spain are permitted under strict rules.

Coches semi-autónomos Renault NissanA couple of years later, in 2018, the alliance will evolve your system, semi-autonomous multicarril. Based on the foregoing, released cars in addition to changing lanes to perform overtaking by themselves, may move by several lanes and, therefore, overcoming obstacles.

Will 2020 and we will see a new evolution, probably the last before the viability of the car completely autonomous. The system will be able to move the car even by urban environments, that is to say, you will be able circular in the urban traffic with its stops and starts continued, in the same way that you can turn in the streets and making intersections.

we do Not know exact details or how to install these new Renault-Nissan in their ranges. Those that do tell us is that there will be 10 more cars with these systems semi-autonomous by 2020, so that we can say for sure that this will be a wide range. Among the names that sound is the next Nissan LEAF.

Source – Nissan, Renault