Renault-Nissan believes that the drivers want autonomous cars

Alianza Renault-Nissan

cars are now becoming authentic appliances consumer electronics. What we can see in each new model that hits the market, as manufacturers place more emphasis on the modern. systems info entertainment who mounted that his safety or propulsion systems. The trend that you are following the car industry is natural because the new generations if you do not see this type of artifacts in the dashboards of the cars do not care to know more details.

however, we have already commented more than once that the vast amount of technology and electronics that have new cars overwhelm drivers. This situation is doing to the trust that had the drivers on some of the electronic systems is decreasing, and therefore it could turn against us. All of this will be complicated when the autonomous cars come on to the market because their technological level is much higher and so the level of difficulty in their management can still be a handicap for the customers to trust them.

Like everything in life, the autonomous cars will have detractors and advocates. To be more the second than the first, Carlos Ghosn, head of the Renault-Nissan Alliance has come to the fore to talk about their autonomous cars and beneficial that will be for drivers. The place chosen for making these statements was the last CES in Las Vegas as the steering was one of the main speakers.

According to Ghosn, the future drivers should be expectant before the arrival of autonomous cars because they will be able to be more aware of the systems of info-entertainment and connectivity. In addition, he also said that even the drivers most passionate will be interested in having an autonomous vehicle. His words when asked if the autonomous cars would kill sports as the Nissan GT-R’s were these:

“The people who love driving will be interested in having an autonomous vehicle and I’ll tell you why. Even for the driver most passionate about, the driving is very boring if you’re standing on a busy highway. Having an autonomous car, you can select this mode of driving to avoid getting bored tending to the other cars” […] “I don’t Think there are that say that driving autonomous will kill the pleasure of driving. In addition, the reinforce because you can choose if you want to use it or not. It is so decided. This will make the pleasure of driving is even more apparent”.

To support their thesis has commented that its brand names are working so that in a matter of half a decade they may have autonomous vehicles rolling through the streets. In addition, in these days has taken to get to one of the autonomous cars Infiniti (top video), to learn how it works and to try in first person the developments that are taking place the engineers of the firm.

Will have to see the hosting real that have these cars when they arrive at the market and if you really the passionate of the engine and driving them to open the doors of their houses (I for now).

Source – Renault-Nissan Alliance