Renault-Nissan-Daimler AG would be developing two new engines

Prueba Renault KadjarIf a car manufacturer wants to be credible in certain segments of the market you must have to your favour several letters. The first is to have a image brand pristine. The second one quality of performing at the highest level. And the third is a range mechanics at the height of the aspirations pursued by the brand. In the case that now concerns us is Renault that want to be at the height of the circumstances. With the launch of the new Espace, Talisman and the next Koleos the signature of the diamond you want to give full attention to the signatures premium.

With this idea in mind he released the seal Initiale Paris and apparently is not going bad at all, especially in the Space. However, Renault no account with a range of mechanical height, of which perhaps the customer premium might expect. It is true that gasoline have the range well covered, but in terms of oil the thing changes. Its range extends from 90 hp 1.5 dci up to the 165 hp of the 1.6-litre dci twin turbo. From there up there is nothing, and if you want to be truly premium should move up one or two steps further.

Nuevo Renault KoleosFor this reason in the alliance Renault-Nissan would be working in a new mechanical diesel with a potency superior to the 165 hp that you already have as a ceiling. In this case it would be a new (or improved) block 2.0-litre dci with a power close to the 180 hp. This mechanic has already been released in the Samsung QM6 cousin Korean of our Koleos. In this model is associated with the all-wheel drive system All Mode 4×4-i in addition to a automatic Xtronic developed by Nissan.

however, the second mechanics that would be in development would not be diesel, but gas. The mechanics would be developed to be used by Renault, Nissan and some models Mercedes-Benz. It would be a new block with 1.3-liter, in the front and would provide between 120 and 155 hp of maximum power. For your development is to apply the highest technology possible in order to reduce to the maximum the emissions and improving the consumption of fuel.

Will have to wait for any of the brands confirm the development of these new mechanics as well as their basic data. In the case of motorization diesel will have to wait to know the power total which develops the new block, as this may split oneself in two variants of power. In addition it will also have to know what models will be responsible for the set up of this new mechanics, because, in principle, would only be destined to move to models more representative of Renault.

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