Renault-Nissan surpasses Volkswagen in the first half of 2017

Renault-Nissan surpasses Volkswagen despite the good results of the German group, and aims to become the largest car manufacturer in the world. During the first half of 2017, the alliance of brands has delivered 5,26 million cars. Over the same period, the Volkswagen Group has sold a number almost identical car, a few 5,27 million, but not being able to deliver 14 million of them, has fallen behind in the ranking half-yearly.

Because they are still on the road the Volkswagen Polo, as well as other cars that might be able to modify their sales in various parts of the world, still there is some uncertainty about which group will be the one that is above at the end of the year. The group Renault-Nissan, has several brands that present battle in the market. Part of Renault and Nissan, with the recent Alpine, Dacia, Infiniti, Lada, Mitsubishi, and two unknown in Spain: the chinese brand Venucia, and the japanese Datsun, that sells in some countries of Asia and Africa.

Renault-Nissan surpasses Volkswagen but…

last year, Renault-Nissan delivered 9,96 million units around the world, which means that more than one out of every nine cars sold that year was manufactured by them. That same year, the Volkswagen Group delivered something more, with a total of 10.3 million cars around the world, but may 2017 the tide to change.

Carlos Ghosn, CEO of Renault-Nissan, said at the results presentation: “The Renault – Nissan alliance has achieved record sales during the first half of 2017, coming to deliver 5.268.079 vehicles sold. We will continue to leverage our significant economies of scale and our presence in the global market to provide valuable synergies to all of our brands, promoting technological development and providing our clients with models ever more innovative”.

In terms of electric mobility, the Renault-Nissan alliance surpasses Volkswagen, but it does not stop there. Has managed to sell about 480,000 electric vehicles, a figure that places it above any other company of the automotive sector.

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