Renault opens a test-track wireless charging on the move.


New track testing wireless charging on the move.

Renault, and technology companies Qualcomm Technologies and Vedecom are just opening a small stretch of road experimental allows vehicles that travel on it to recharge its batteries wirelessly.

is Not the first time that we see a project of this type, and the idea in if it doesn’t seem bad at all. In principle, the idea provides that the vehicle to recharge wirelessly while driving by the road, thus eliminating the need of having to search for areas of recharge once the batteries have been exhausted and there is no physical connection between the device and the vehicle.

To do this you could take advantage of the network of roads already existing, installing only the necessary devices, although not the entire network, but in the areas that it was convenient or necessary. To pass the vehicle above, the charging system would be responsible for activating the recharge, because it can detect vehicles and even identify users, allowing or not the wireless charging.


This new test allows speeds up to 100 km/h.

The small stretch of tests carried out by Renault and its technology partners is about 100 ft. Is located in Versailles, France, and allows vehicles to recharge their batteries at speeds up to 100 km/h.

This technology receives the name Dynamic Wireless Electric Vehicle Charging (DEVC) and by the time you can recharge the batteries with a power up to 20 kW, about three times the power of the standard charger of the current electric vehicles marketed by Renault, although the French brand also has an optional system of quick load of 43 kW.

According to the statement from the brand, the system can identify the user, so that only those vehicles authorized to enter the track to load, as well as to detect the presence and speed of vehicles.