Renault pays tribute to Le Corbusier with an elegant prototype-inspired modernist

swiss architect Le Corbusier is one of the key figures of the architecture of the TWENTIETH Century. Today marks 50 years of his death, and Renault wants to pay tribute with an elegant prototype inspired modernist. Le Corbusier wanted to improve the living conditions of the workers, and was one of the biggest supporters of the integration of the car in urban planning. The homage of Renault is a prototype inspired by the golden age of the automobile-French, the 30’s of the past XX Century.

Villa Savoye is one of the constructions most famous of Le Corbusier’s inspiration for this concept without a name.

Although the legacy of Le Corbusier has not produced the desired effects – your architecture the breaking of brutalism and was devoid of the spirit – and many current trends go against your ideals, we cannot deny their influence on modern architecture. The prototype of Renault is a coupe of generous size and elegant appearance, but sober. The best thing is that it doesn’t look like any Renault today to be a pure design exercise, that makes us imagine other address stylistic to the gauls.

The calender is pure art deco. A chrome-look oval and flanked by two optics LED very sharp. The hood seems to have no end, occupying more than half of the total length of the car. Next to the front wheel have enabled a few hollow fairings where you can store objects using the bags special. A cabin for four people minimalist appearance is in a position very delayed, completely covered in glass, providing great luminosity to the car.

At the back displays a visual show made up by a strip LED very wide. In the wheel arches in the rear there is also storage space, as the passenger cancels part of the trunk. The doors of the cabin open suicide, but upwards. A configuration curious and gimmicky, but retaining the elegance. This prototype will never come to production, it is a design exercise, “recreational” teams design of Renault, a simple candy visual for the rest of mortals.

all in all, it would have been interesting to see a coupe as well with a great engine of six or eight cylinders on our roads.

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