Renault presents the new Mégane R. S. in the Monaco GP of Formula 1


Hulckenberg next to the new Renault Mégane R. S. 2018 .

taking Advantage of the celebration of the Monaco Grand Prix of Formula 1, Renault has unveiled the new Mégane R. S. 2018 in the principality, although the official presentation will be at the Frankfurt Auto show 2017, which is held in September of this same year.

The model presented in Monaco it matches up with the spy photos that we have been able to show previously in the The new Mégane R. S. gets a expected more aggressive design in the front and behind, with the air inlets very visible and a large rear diffuser split into two, under the rear bumper. The exhaust outlet center ends finish off the rear view, where we find two air vents on the sides.

The front is easily distinguishable by the new bumper design, with large air inlets in the sides, where we find a few pilots auxiliary drawing the pattern of a checkered flag. The specimen presented had a decoration inspired by the team Renault Formula 1, in yellow and black, which also serves as a tribute to the 40th anniversary of the first participation of the brand in the World Championship of F1.


it Will be officially presented in Frankfurt.

For the presentation ceremony, Renault Sport deployed some of their cars, historic F1 and counted with the presence of several of the drivers most famous who passed through its ranks, such as the gallic , Alain Prost alias “the Professor.”

The event was broadcast live in several of the social networks of the French brand and that also we show in Initially, Renault put it on the track a drive in the new Mégane R. S. is available with the vinyl in yellow and black and Nico Hulkenberg at the wheel, and after a couple of laps, they went out to the track the two cars classics of the brand, with an amazing sound. Much show to unveil the new model, even though you have it still looks camouflaged.

In terms of its specifications, Renault has not revealed anything at the moment, so only limited detail in their note submitted that the new Mégane R. S. will feature options of manual transmission and dual-clutch EDC.