Renault raises doubts among the engineers in the paddock


Renault has returned to Formula 1 to win it again and already have
seen some of the consequences of such ambition
. The propeller has
markedly improved, allowing Red Bull to win again and
beat Ferrari in the constructors’. In terms of the
team, things are going much more slowly, the result of the delayed purchase
Lotus, which prevented the French influence in the car
this season.

The initial plan of fight for the title in 2020 has accelerated
because Renault does not want to wait so long, but the recruitment of
staff to enhance and improve the template is not marching as
Renault would like to
, mainly as a consequence of the discrete
results of the present season.

“Attract people as fast as we would like, both in quality
as in quantity, is still more difficult than expected.
Obviously, there are people with an existing contract and if you want to come with
us, and terminate those contracts, it takes time. First, we have to
convince them and, quite frankly, is an area in which we are having
problems and I do not understand why taking into account our ambition
and how engaged is Renault with this project
. I want to
show the people what superserios that we are with our projects,
but I think these are the acts -more than my words – that what
will show”.

despite this and as the Cyril Abiteboul confirmed to
Autosport, Renault expects to hire 90 engineer here at the end
of the year
, increasing the staff to 590 employees in total.

“it Is true that we expected it to be more easy to convince the
people and retain the people we have lost who were not
necessarily convinced of our ability to be where
we want to be in the future: to be a computer pointer. In a certain way
understand them. When you see the level of our competitors, (see
that) the game has changed a lot during the six years that we have not
state in Enstone
. You have to accept that, now, we are a team
less and we need people who are able to deal with it”.

Even before leaving Ferrari, James Allison was one of the
identified as a future engineer from Renault. The now ex-Director
Technical Maranello worked at Enstone since 2005 until 2013
after the death of his wife early in the year, linked
Renault, a circumstance that would allow him to be close to their children

“We have a lot of respect for James. He’s a fantastic person
that has been a part of a car very, very strong, and you know Enstone very
well. I don’t want people to think that if there is nothing is because it does not
we are interested in James or not we value
. We value James. In
this time we tried to build the structure on which
work. It is our main priority”.