Renault relocate part of the production of the Dacia Logan MCV to Morocco

Dacia Logan MCV

Part of the production of the Dacia Logan MCV will be moved to Morocco.

Talk about the production of models of Dacia in Morocco is no novelty. It’s something that Renault have been doing since the year 2005 by manufacturing the Dacia Logan and, more recently, from the year 2009, doing the same with the Dacia Sandero, one of the best-selling brand of the French group. However, very shortly, another new model will come to increase the number of vehicles that Renault produces in its factory in Tangiers (Morocco). The Dacia Logan MCV.

The purpose that seeks to Renault moving part of the production of the Dacia Logan MCV to Morocco is to leave more space on the assembly line of the factory in Mioveni (Romania) to the Dacia Duster. The unstoppable increase of the demand that is taking the SUV Dacia requires an increase in the volume of production. And to do this, or is it necessary to extend the above-mentioned plant of Mioveni, or leave more space on the assembly line to the Duster. In Renault have opted for the second option.

Jean-Francois Gal, Director of the Factory of Renault in Tangier (Morocco), has pointed out that will begin to produce the Dacia Logan MCV from the first quarter of next year 2017. However, the volume of production of the variant more familiar and practice of the Dacia Logan that will be transferred to the above-mentioned factory in morocco. Although it is not official, Celine Furet, a Spokesman for Renault, said in a statement to Reuters, around 10% of the total production of the Logan MCV in the past year will be brought back to Morocco.

Dacia Logan MCV - posterior

The occasion of the transfer of the production is to leave more space for the Dacia Duster at the factory in Mioveni (Romania).

Although Renault have not given many details regarding this transfer of production, have been quick to make clear that the jobs of the factory in Mioveni in Romania will not be affected, since the units of the Dacia Logan MCV to stop the manufacture, will be replaced by the increase of the production of the Dacia Duster as we have said.

on the other hand, there is data that also point to a capital injection of 20 million euros in the plant of Tangier to be able to adapt the assembly line and the infrastructure that there has Renault to the arrival of the Dacia Logan MCV to land moroccan.

To get an idea of the demand that there is currently the Dacia Duster and has generated this offshoring part of the production, in the case of the Spanish market, between the months of January and August of 2016 have enrolled a total of 8.806 units. During the past month of August, the SUV of Dacia is placed as the eighteenth best-selling model among the spaniards. So far this year stands at number 27 in the ranking of more vehicles enrolled.