Renault renews the brand image in their official services

Renault Logo

The image conveyed by a brand to the public is a very important element. Take care of that image and keep it immaculate is an aspect that all brands work a lot. In the automotive industry is a weapon very important, because it can make you a brand to reach thousands of sales, or you can do that in a matter of a short time may be in serious trouble if it is not to the liking of the consumers.

Renault, aware of this situation just present that will be the new brand image that will lead to its dealers and public services in Spain. The signature of the rhombus is in a sweet moment, since their sales are well underway and the new range of models is raising a lot of expectation among the customers. All of this has to be well accompanied by a image of brand in the exhibitions attractive for customers to want to come closer to their exhibitions.

Renault nueva imagen de marca

With this change of image, Renault wants to align the image of its exposures to the image that will have their cars. Renault, through its subsidiary, Store, are working to convert their official centres and after-sales services in locations that customers have a positive experience. This change of image not only will be held at dealers in Spain; with the months will be extended to the rest of european countries in which is present the signature of the rhombus.

According to has communicated the brand in his expositions are meant to provide simplicity, clarity and a connected environment and pleasant where the customer is at the center of it all. In Spain the dealer Apiary Automotive, located in the Carretera de Colmenar (Madrid), is the first of its exhibitions to pass by the sheet metal and paint to offer the new image of brand to the customers in the area.

Source – Renault