Renault restructures to return to win


In an interview with the official website of the Formula 1,
Jerome Stoll revealed that Renault F1 is going to reorganize its technical staff
with a view to improving and accelerating the transition that the team is
rushing to all the levels
. The main change relates
with Frederic Vasseur, who up until now acted as a Director of
Competition and now will become a Team Leader, responding
the sports results and monitoring the daily activity of the
engine factory in Viry-Chatillon.

in Addition, Cyril Abiteboul, who will remain Athletic Director,
will move permanently to Enstone to work in the
refurbishment of the two sites of the computer
: the chassis in the
town british and the already mentioned in Viry-Chatillon, as well as
in the interconnection between the two.

As part of the growth programme, Renault will hire
“nearly 100 new employees in Enstone this year, as well as more than
30 in Viry”
, as confirmed by the own Stoll in the

“We are committed to a program of investment of
capital during the next five years and that is enough for
put us as a team pointer in the Formula 1. Our recent
announcement that we will supply two other teams (Red Bull and Toro Rosso) with our thruster units is beneficial for all
involved. The coming year we aim to enter between the
top five in the constructors ‘ championship and the following year
to fight regularly for the podium. By 2020 we want to fight
for the championship with the best propeller and the better chassis of the
sport. It is what we want to achieve