Renault returns as the official Formula 1 team after buying 65% of Lotus


Only remaining shareholders sign the agreement to acquire 65% of the Lotus Formula 1 Team, which will facilitate the return of Renault to Formula 1 race team after more than five seasons.


Renault-F1 T very seems that the adventure of Renault to become once again a Formula One team official may be coming to a happy ending.

According to indicating the publication Autosport, the French manufacturer will of a majority stake in the Lotus F1 that could reach 65% , while the rest of the team will be left Gerard Lopez through Genii Capital with 25% and of Alain Prost with 10% stake.

It’s almost a fact of Renault’s return to Formula 1 race team.

The agreement will allow Renault to return to the category as official team , which occurred after his departure in 2010.

The agreement comes after the French company tried something similar with Force India , although the lack of adequate facilities, team of Indian origin became the biggest obstacle to the negotiations came to fruition. By contrast, the Lotus F1 has first class facilities including a wind tunnel on a scale of 60%, a program of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and simulator for pilots, among the most notable.

Moreover, asguran the CEO of Renault Carlos Ghosn strongly supports the project, which will allow the new team to have a similar to the equipment Red Bull or Mercedes financial support Benz , allowing them to achieve also have top drivers.

Although the information has not yet taken official status, it is believed that Renault could continue to supply engines to other teams, such as Scuderia Toro Rosso or Red Bull Racing , although the link with the latter is now quite run down and could end with the team based in Milton Keynes opting for a new supplier.

only remains the signing the agreement by the shareholders of Lotus, after which Renault will make the announcement officially, something we believe will happen in the coming hours.



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