Renault Sandero RS Grand Prix and Duster Extreme, two concepts in the Hall of Sao Paulo

Renault Sandero RS Gran Prix Concept Car show in Sau Paulo is a quote biannual, although it does not have a great impact for the automotive sector that will be screened in the future in Europe. In this edition of the show from Sau Paulo 2016 are present two concepts of Renault you’ll never see on the old continent, but we have called attention: the Renault Sandero RS Grand Prix and the Duster Extreme.

The event opened yesterday its doors, and these two concepts were the main claims of the French car firm. In this quote we can see vehicles here we could consider as “rare” because we are not made to see them on our roads. Sandero and Duster are two models that on this side of the Atlantic we know under the signature Romanian Dacia, but that there are sold under the French brand Renault.

Renault Duster Extreme Concept

Renault Sandero RS Grand Prix

Sandero RS Grand Prix variant is a very sporty compact marketed in South america. Uses the same propellant of 2-litre four-cylinder petrol engine with 150 hp the Renault Sandero RS. However you receive a image much more aggressive and sporty. Just take a quick look at the photos to appreciate the visual change that you receive the model in comparison with the variant commercialized in Europe. A bodystyling with grids of black in the forms of diamond, black rims identical to those available on the Renault Clio GT Line european and some colors that emulate the current Formula 1. In the interior also appears this combination of colors.

Renault Sandero RS Gran Prix Concept

Renault Duster Extreme

on the other hand we have the concept Renault Duster Extreme. The Duster, like the Sandero, it is marketed under the brand Renault. In this case, the design exercise, looking for a more robust vehicle, and with greater headroom, which would improve the capabilities offroad of this todocamino. Incorporates new bumpers, more eye-catching with protections, LED lights on the ceiling, special tyres for use off the road and multiple elements that increase their sturdiness and style adventurous. Also mounted a propeller of 2 liters of gasoline and, as could not be otherwise, the engine power is split between the four wheels.

Renault Duster Extreme ConceptHonestly, I think that most of us we wouldn’t care to see in Europe two models similar to these Renault south americans who respond to the names of Sandero RS Grand Prix and Duster Extreme.

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