Renault sees similarities between its inception and the Mercedes


optimism is the predominant note in Enstone after a first Grand Prix better than expected for Renault. After a troublesome winter, the return of the French brand to the great circus killing its two pilots skimming the points. For Bob Bell, technical director of the team and one of the key pieces, Renault has a lot of potential to unlock, and compares it even with their last challenge in the team Mercedes.

“There are similarities. When I went to Mercedes, the team was still basically the Brawn GP formerly Honda. Of course, when Honda withdrew, and the team became Brawn, a lot of people were laid off, the template was pretty down, and the first thing we had to do was install a sense of structure that would face the imminent challenge of the current car, the car of the year following, and the car 2014”.

there Was a period in which we have three cars in parallel, so we had to prepare a structure that could handle it and build the necessary resources. There are many similarities between the two programs (Mercedes and Renault), so this is not an unknown territory for us.” “We have a plan of progressive growth put in place, and we recognize that we have a long journey ahead”.

Bell has no doubt that the brand will turn over with the project, but without a blank cheque. “When Renault says that he’s going to commit to something, you agree. But this modern era of Formula 1 is very hard from an economic perspective, it costs a lot of money to reach the top and there is no longer the sponsorships of big checks that I used to haber”.


“All manufacturers have to be very careful with the amount of money they invest in this, because they have other things to put your money while. Renault is going to support us fully with the budget that we need to, but they will still expect results, you will want to do it cost-effectively, and they are going to want that let’s draw more revenue. we can’t wait to pay the entire account“.

Jolyon Palmer, one of the two pilots of the team, is also confident with Renault and the progress they can make in the immediate future. “I’m tremendously convinced that we can improve. Before I started the season, we would have signed to have a weekend as well, with the two cars in Q2 and just behind the points. It is a great start”.

“Considering that the purchase of the equipment could only be complete after Christmas, and the money began to arrive late, the production of the car has been very, very late. But we have had improvements all this time, and I think that we should be able to develop better than some of our rivals. In race pace we are even more competitive than in qualifying, so, hopefully, shouldn’t be too long until we start to be in the points consistently”.