Renault slumps in the stock market due to the investigation of a possible fraud in the emissions, what we are faced with a new case Volkswagen?

The scandal of the emissions of Volkswagen, the “Dieselgate” not only has beating the German group, has shaken up an industry that observed with a magnifying glass, a magnifying glass that is fixed now in Renault and that would have led to police fraud to make a raid on some of the factories of the French company, the result? For now, the actions of Renault have plummeted in the bag.

so far, there is has pointed to a possible fraud. The police would have conducted a series of raids as part of the research process.

The actions of Renault would have fallen by over 20% (currently hovering around 14%) in the hardwood French after knowing that agents would have made a series of records allegedly as a result of the investigations carried out by the French authorities after the scandal Volkswagen. In addition to the price of other firms also would have fallen after communicating these investigations.

Renault has been commissioned to confirm these records, announced by the French agency Agence France-Presse, pointing also to his collaboration with the authorities, who have commandeered several computers, to resolve research.

we Remain waiting to know more details about it, whatyou will see Renault involved in a scandal similar to that of Volkswagen?will there be more brands involved in this research?

renault-bolsaFor now as he pointed out Renault agency AFP would not have found any means fraudulent in its mechanics. The CGT union French would have been in charge of the voice alert after the investigations.