Renault Spain aspires to Valladolid to produce a new model

Renault is negotiating with its workers for a third industrial plan. A plan that in a nutshell would be to ensure the production, at levels at least similar to last year, with the award of a new model to the assembly chain of Valladolid, and investments are really important in the factories of our country. For the moment, the plan is in the process of negotiating with the workers, since to be eligible for their award is required, and I quote, an “agreement to improve its competitiveness and flexibility”. Renault plans to decide which factory will receive the award of these new products by the end of march, so by then we should know if Spain will continue to move forward with this plan, or these will be awarded to one of the other factories of the group.

confirmation Of the award, which will be announced at the end of march, it would be the arrival of a new model to the factory of Valladolid, where he currently produces Capture.

The industrial plan proposed from 2017 is intended to to ensure the continuity of the factory of assembly of Valladolid with a new product. Remember that until now this factory is responsible for the assembly of Capture (257.510 units in 2015). In Spain, meanwhile, produced Kadjar and Mégane (210.293 units in 2015). In Spain also were manufactured in 2015 1.009.352 gearboxes (in Seville) and 1.525.337 engines (in Valladolid). In a single day came to occur 7.699 engines.

For the moment we do not know what model it is. Yes we know that the industrial plan would start in 2018 of a new activity of injection of aluminum in the factory of Valladolid, where also occur the generations 7 and 8 of the engine K9. The factory of Seville also become a priority for the award of the gearbox TX30.

As already mentioned at the beginning, Renault Spain would be in negotiations with the workers, proposing a plan of competitiveness that flexibilice its terms, or in other words, that guarantees that the factories in Spain are the most profitable and economic to produce the new product, and thus be eligible for the award.

Source: Renault
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