Renault Sport futures could be hybrids


Future models of Renault Sport hybridization could win thanks to technology transfer from Formula 1 and Formula


E n the context of the recent race for the current season of Formula E London, Patrice Ratti , who serves as CEO Renault Sport Technologies, said the British publication Coach in the near future products Renault Sport could acquire hybrid technology.

In the coming years, Renault Sport products could be hybrids.

Ratti said he was attracted to the technology, although he believes that by the time the limitation is related to the large number of batteries needed to give life to an all-electric sports car. However is something they are working , but considering that the RS Renault are accessible products, the technology that today is quite expensive not come in the near future.

At the same time, the share of the brand in the Formula 1 and the Formula E , you are allowing engineers from Renault acquire knowledge very valuable in that field , which eventually will move their products street. Ratti made it clear they are willing to wait a few years to offer this technology to the public, as it believes that they could just do in the next 5 or 10 years , but also believes that when it comes to electronics You never know, because things can happen faster way than expected.

The executive believes that especially the Formula E is the one that is fulfilling an important role in this regard, and that is helping improve the capacity of battery systems , which in a few years, autonomy could reach three to four times higher than today.



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