Renault Sport will present a brutal prototype of the Clio RS, with 250 HP!


This Renault Clio RS is not one more. Renault Sport has been working on a new prototype of the suv, which now is discovered in a partial way. According to the French web site The Automobilist in your page of Facebook, in the next few days we will know the Clio Renault Sport a more powerful and radical in its history.

as a prototype, this Renault Clio RS 250 -name not yet confirmed – will be presented in the Monaco GP 2016 in Formula 1, which will take place between 26 and 29 may. Less than a week, therefore, to know in detail what it is that is prepared by Renault Sport, but already we can offer your first images and the filtered data.

After the Renault Clio RS 220 Trophy, whose 220 HP is now the culmination of the model, in the future the manufacturer of diamond will still go beyond. This prototype is distinguished by a aerodynamic kit specific, with a new front bumper (including lights that draw the logo of Renault Sport and a great mouth for cooling) steps of wheel widths, side skirts very marked and a rear spoiler on the roof of inspiration F1.


In the interior, the steering wheel incorporates the LEDs in its upper part, feeling that to warn of engine speeds and gear change timely. But the most shocking will come of your engine 1.6, Tec, 250 HP turbo-charged that will put the bar very high. Will also be present for a tune-up of your chassis especially effective, considering a maximum dynamic performance, even in the circuit.

The expectations are sky-high, and is not for less, but you must clarify again that this Renault Clio RS 250 Concept will be presented, time, in-state prototype, despite that its exterior design looks almost production. It is quite likely a fabrication later, that would come with the Renault Clio 2017, after the premiere in the next few months of your anticipated restyling.