Renault strengthens its presence in Iran

Renault will build a new assembly plant in Iran, where it will manufacture the Duster and Symbol at a rate of 150,000 units a year. Currently produced in addition to the Logan and Sandero of the previous generation.

Tras the order of the international sanctions that had worked up to a few months, the signatures of French origin and continue their expansion in Iran. First was the PSA Group who, through the local manufacturer Iran Khodro, announced its plan to produce some models of Peugeot and Citroen,and now is Renault which will start a new era in the Middle East.

The French brand also wants to take advantage of this new stage in the iranian market. Renault has been associated with the local firms Iran Khodro and IDRO, to produce about 150,000 vehicles a year in a new plant located in the city of Saveh, 120 km from the capital.

in Addition, the project includes the creation of an engineering center and shopping, from where they plan the development of the local suppliers.

The mark of a rhombus has been present in Iran since 2003, producing vehicles in conjunction with the local Iran Khodro and Saipa, with a current production capacity of around 200,000 units per year.

Currently produce the Sandero and Tondar, as it is locally known to the Logan, even though it is the models of previous generation. Anyway things are going well, that the in this 2017 have been able to double the sales with respect to the previous year, achieving a market share of 9.7%.

In this new stage Renault will produce in Iran his models Symbol, as will be referred to as the Logan and the SUV Duster as well as a plant where they also mounted the engines for those models.

This new society will be formed by Renault with a 60% participation, while the remaining 40% is split in equal parts between the Background of Public Investment for the Renewal of the Industry of Iran (IDRO) and Delivery Negin Naseh, the current importer of the French brand in Iran.

analysts estimate that by 2020 the market in Iran will grow to the 2 million units per year.