Renault teaches in London their vision for the autonomous car of the future

Although it may not appear so, yes, the vehicle you see in the picture is a car, or at least, attends to the definition of car. Serves to transport us from one site to another, but we will not be able to drive it, as well is the vision of the autonomous car of the future Renault has presented in London in collaboration with one of the art schools most prestigious in the country.

Central Saint Martins is considered one of the best art schools worldwide. Part of the University of Art of London, and Renault has partnered with them to design the autonomous vehicle of the future.

As seen in the images, the design totally breaks with the standard we understand that it is a car. Their forms are rounded and have the capacity to accommodate two people.

The school held a contest to determine the winning design. Were presented to 15 students of which 3 were chosen as semifinalists. Finally, “The Float” -a float-a design Yuchen Cai, was announced as the winner of the contest.

This design uses technology maglev -magnetic levitation-, family in the transport of high-speed japanese. According to Cai, the design will open up a new form of mobility in large cities, and combine to the perfection of a moving space with a connection to the outside through the driving technology autonomous.

To finish the design of “The Float”, Cai was moved to the main studios of Renault design in Paris. From the 21st to the 24th of September, the design will be exposed in the Square, Granary, near King’s Cross and Central Saint Martins, in London.

The autonomous vehicle, as no, will feature electrical power to transport its occupants through the large cities. The design comes within the concept of the French company for its range of future, as it brings together the concepts of be electric, autonomous and connected with the outside, the three pillars on which to erect the future of Renault.

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