Renault: “The engine exceeds expectations, Red Bull will be able to compete for the title”


If the motor depends on, Red Bull should not worry about your options lay claim to the title to Mercedes and Ferrari. At least that is what that says Cyril Abiteboul, head of Renault F1. The leader of the French makes sure that the new impeller will allow Red Bull to be “clearly in a position to fight for the championship”.

And is that Renault, which is also supplied to Toro Rosso and the factory team, says that the performance levels achieved in the pre-season test has come to overcome the data collected on the test bench. “I Think that we are within the target or even above, subject to the reliability. We started with an architecture engine is completely new, not only in what refers to the combustion engine, but also in terms of the LRA. It is a great challenge, particularly in terms of reliability, it is not a surprise,”, commented Cyril Abiteboul in a statement to Autosport.

The LRA, the biggest concern

Precisely the LRA is the one that is causing more mechanical problems, but Abiteboul says that it was something expected due to the results of the test bench, and that before we started the test already got to work on a solution that will be in time for the first Grand Prix of the season. “we Expected to find some difficulties that have materialized. But the good news is that it does not occur for any reason, but the performance will come when we try to remove it. We do not do it often because we really are managing the durability of the engine, which is still critical, but we have been seeing the performance we wanted,”, confirmed the Renault.


Abiteboul admits that the first race will be an unknown quantity with respect to the reliability and that still have not taken all the necessary decisions, but hoped to have the situation controlled. “anything can happen in Melbourne, we’re doing everything we can to make sure that only occur good things. We believe that we have the situation controlled, but these thruster units are too complex and we have yet to make a series of decisions before Melbourne that will have an impact, not only in the order of arrival, but also in his cross the goal line or not. We are at a critical moment and it is very important to keep the concentration and not take anything for granted”, he said, to finish the head of the French brand.