Renault Twingo GT: first advance of the new creation of Renault Sport


Renault Twingo GT 2017, in your first image of advancement

have Already been about two years since the arrival of the new Renault Twingo, and from its inception we knew that would have its corresponding sports version. Although it will not be named finally as Renault Twingo RS, we talk about the same model: the manufacturer reserves as outstanding) exclusive to models more powerful, but this Twingo will in a certain sense, the signing and development of Renault Sport.

In this first ‘teaser’ of advancement shown in the Facebook of Renault Sport shows us his left rear from a perspective unusual, being able to appreciate in some detail the design that will have your alloy wheels. In the absence of confirmation, there are many ballots for which its definitive name will be Renault Twingo GT, and give way to the more powerful version and sports of the urban French.


Ago, year and a half, “hunt” with our spy photos to this Twingo sport in evidence: at that time we were expecting more power along with the initials ‘RS’

What is certain is that lately, Renault Sport is not for. After hitting us with the prototype Renault Clio RS 16 and its 275 HP, now they want to repeat with the Renault Twingo as a basis, a model that is not too sporty despite its nature of propulsion rear. The range model now offers up to 90 HP maximum, a figure that will increase thanks to this new Twingo GT.

Keeping the three-cylinder engine turbocharged 0.9 TCe, we expect the Renault Twingo GT offers 109 CV and a maximum torque of 170 Nm, the same figures already present in the new Smart Brabus. We can expect the usual differentiation of sport in its exterior with an aero kit, more aggressive, double output exhaust in the rear and specific tuning for chassis, with sport suspension-lowered height. In the next few days we will tell you all about it.