Renault Twingo GT, Renault Sport announced the brother of the smart Brabus

Renault Twingo GT teaserRenault Sport has shown in their social networks a few teasers, photo and video, which anticipate that will be the Renault Twingo a more sporting of all. We had time waiting for the smallest model of Renault would have a more spicy thanks to Renault Sport and it seems to be that version prestacional will have the name of Renault Twingo GT.

Despite being a model Renault Sport, will not carry the initials RS because that will be a model of lower power than the previous Renault Twingo RS, with a 1.6 engine of 133 HP. In the case of the Renault Twingo GT is logical to think that the mechanics that give life to the model will be the same as that used smart fortwo and forfour Brabus, that is to say, the 0.9 turbo three-cylinder Renault harnessed to the 109 horses of power and 170 Nm of torque. Would be associated with the automatic gearbox EDC dual-clutch six-speed.

With such a mechanical under the hood and given the similarity of both models, we can imagine that the 0-100 km/h Renault Twingo GT will be close to 10.5 seconds the smart forfour Brabus, with a maximum speed, in the case of the smart, of 180 kilometers per hour. This version keeps the consumption to grate with an average of 4.6 litres per 100.

as disclosed teasers published by the firm of diamond, the Renault Twingo GT will not be long in making himself known, wearing a body more sporty, a specific tuning of the chassis and, of course, an engine more powerful. A new direction of variable assistance according to speed, cushioning firmer, front stabilizer bar, and an ESP recalibration are the main changes that the smart Brabus incorporate to bring out your sporty look.

Source – Renault

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