Renault Twingo GT: the Twingo a more sporting comes with turbo, 110 HP, rear-engine and rear-wheel drive

Few brands know how to both create sports as a Renault. There we were waiting with much anticipation the arrival of the new sport of the family, the smallest, the one based on the baby of the range, the Renault Twingo. So, we have a new model that promises to, and much. It’s called Renault Twingo GT, and maintains the architecture Twingo, which includes rear-engine, rear-wheel drive, manual gearbox, although with more power than ever, with a total of 110 HP. This is the equivalent to the model Brabus already seen the smart fortwo and smart forfour.

To understand what we are seeing, we have first to remember how was born this Renault Twingo. the latest generation of The Renault Twingo was developed in collaboration with smart, the branch of utilitarian urban Daimler, and sister of Mercedes-Benz. Hence, Renault apostase by a new architecture, the engine later, that sister of some form to this Twingo with the smart fortwo and forfour.

The Renault Twingo GT could be defined, in some way, as the alternative French the smart brabus 2016 that we knew a few weeks ago.


True to its philosophy, the Renault Twingo GT will keep an engine very compact, a version powered 0.9 TCe 898 cm3, which develops 110 BHP of power and 170 Nm of maximum torque. The proposal is essentially the same as that offered by smart, and although Daimler and Renault reserve certain technologies and components for its products. Initially, the engine 0.9 TCe delivering 90 BHP of power in the rest of the range Renault Twingo.

Renault ensures that have worked the engine with a new system of admission, and a new engine map to the ecu, as well as many other adjustments in the exchange relations, which by the way will be manual.

In your chassis, has been reviewed and the height and the tare, the calibration of the ESP, we understand that to leave that behind to be more playful, it has also revised the tare of the address, to make it even more direct, and transmit, something that has already surprised us in this Twingo the fact of having a front axle very – excuse the redundancy – advance.


Aesthetically, the Renault Twingo GT has been inspired by the prototype Renault Twin’Run Concept that we learned years ago that for us it was a true reinterpretation of the Renault 5 Turbo of yesteryear.

The Renault Twingo GT is a more sober, and not so bold in its proposal, but still has a look very aggressive thanks to its wheels of 17″ or their exhaust outlets round on a good rear diffuser.

This model can be configured in four colors, increasing the colorful of the range Renault Twingo, in tones Lunaire Grey (gray), Profond black, Glacier White (white), and the new and exclusive Spiced Orange (the orange in these pictures), it will be unique in the Renault Twingo GT.

Source: Renault