Renault Twingo RS 2017 ruled out the Twingo GT will be the most sporty


there won’t be a Renault Twingo RS 2017, given that Renault Sport has cancelled its development

Following the presentation of the Renault Twingo GT, there was still a doubt in the air, will we see a Twingo, developed by Renault Sport with the initials RS? This question seems to have a clear answer, and unfortunately it is a direct refusal: there will be a Renault Twingo RS 2017, after ruling out finally its development and arrival at the production.

The reason is that a new Twingo RS is not technically or economically feasible. In a statement to Coach Patrice Ratti, the head of Renault Sport, “the small engine bay of the Renault Twingo makes it impossible for a version RS”. The small urban French has been developed specifically for three-cylinder engines and small displacement, and its small size does not allow for a four-cylinder engine larger and more powerful.

let us Remember that the new Renault Twingo has been the result of a joint development with Smart, the fruit of which has also born the new generation of the Smart ForTwo and Smart ForFour. The three models share its architecture and mechanical, and with the engine located in the rear position, in the Renault Twingo simply there is no space for an engine of greater cubicaje.


Renault Twingo GT: a more dynamic and 109 CV, which will culminate the range of the current generation of urban

In the last generation of the model, yes there was a Twingo RS, with engine of 1.6-liter 133 HP. However, in the next several years Renault Sport will be limited to top models with a higher power, read the Clio RS and M├ęgane RS.

, you Might ask, and why not an engine 0.9 TCe more powerful? Patrice Ratti, the head of Renault Sport, also has the answer, it would not be feasible from the economic point of view: “A Twingo RS would need about 150 HP, which presents many challenges. A three-cylinder engine with this power would mean a complete redesign of the engine, making the project very expensive, too much for a sports segment”.

technical Factors and economic make it unfeasible for a future Renault Twingo RS, so those interested will have to comply with the new Renault Twingo GT: will be on sale in the coming months, with 109 CV of power from your engine 0.9 TCe three-cylinder. Its chassis has been specially tuned by Renault Sport, and according to Ratti, “the Twingo GT will have the perfect balance between power, dynamism and price”.