Renault Twizy: Electrical and economical car

Renault Twizy

The future automotive has come to our reality to revolutionize market with the new concept of security and respect for the environment proposed in the exclusive model Renault Twizy , you know?

Signing cars Renault adds some months and the ecological challenge with increasingly varied companies, not only in motor field, but many other areas such as fashion, food, decoration or cosmetics. The exclusive Renault Twizy , in addition to providing the functionality of a conventional car, also contributes to the protection of the environment because it is an all-electric model and emits no pollutants into the atmosphere.

The first major EV you can see in the Spanish market has completely revolutionized the traditional idea we have had so far a car. Now, besides enjoying with all the security and speed that we can bring this car, we are also putting our two cents about the care and protection of our environment .

Without going any further, the level of protection in relation to each of the members who choose this model to make its journeys is due to the incorporation of driver’s airbag belt with four attachment points on the front and three in back.

This seater city car , which measures only 2, 34 meters long, will bring you freedom of a motorcycle while stability, thanks to a unique chassis developed by Renault Sport Technologies and the location of the battery near the seats, thus achieving recreation of a very low center of gravity.

renault twizy revolucion en el mercado

will be able to purchase this new vehicle from € 4,917 in the market and will be available at two types of electric motors : Firstly we mark a model 7KW / 9cv with a maximum torque of 33 Nm, limited to a maximum speed of 45 km / h, on the other hand a second model 13 kw / 17cv, with maximum torque of 57 Nm, which will reach a top speed 80 km / h.

Made in Body Mount Renault Valladolid, the new Renault Twizy presents itself as the ideal model for its price and be an inseparable companion of our environment, what seems you about this vehicle?

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