Renault under the magnifying glass in France for their pollutant emissions

Renault Clio 2016 restylingSince the discovery of all the scandal of the Dieselgate of the Volkswagen Group brands have been accusing each other of doing traps at the time of introducing the consumption and emissions of their cars. The first to be affected by these charges were Renault, Opel, and several of the Group’s brands Fiat Chrysler Cars. However today has only been in that, accusations charged of bad faith in some cases.

The strange part of all this is the news that has reached us today. It seems that the Ministry of Environment, the French government has urged the country’s fiscal to investigate to Renault. As we have been able to know the French government has sent to the justice investigation, a series of confidential documentation of Renault through its prosecutors. The reason is hidden in the suspicion of the government that the signing of the diamond has broken the law and has tampered with the emissions testing of their models.

Renault Talisman

Renault Talsman

What is most curious about all this, and that makes it almost incredible, is that the French government has the 19,73 percent of the shares of Renault. however, to avoid future problems, in which case the situation suspected was true the French government wants to appear impartial to the European Commission, which is not doing other members of the Volkswagen Group and also has high interest in the company.

For their part both Renault as the government have said that “Now it is up to the courts to determine what other measures to take to take charge of the alleged violations committed by the mark”. In addition, the government also said that Renault is not the only one of its automobile manufacturers national is being investigated.

Will have to see what is all this.

Source – Ministry of Environment French

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