Renault used only 7 tokens in the GP Brazil F1

Red Bull GP Estados UnidosRenault used 11 of the 12 tokens that he had to evolve his engine this season. Although the new engine was available for the GP of Austin, was not tested, nor did at the GP of Mexico, probably because the Red Bull was still negotiating with other motorists. Finally, everything seems to indicate that Red Bull will use Renault engine in 2016, and the Brazilian GP from Ricciardo heap a new engine to try it out.

however, the results were not too good, but now we know that Renault is not used the engine with these 11 tokens, but that he was forced to use a version that is only implemented 7 of those 11 tokens used, because the new evolution does not fit the exhausts of the Red Bull team. The 4 tokens remaining lie in wait and perhaps to be tested in the GP of Abu Dhabi, along with the token end-that maybe the ride or leave for the test.

Helmut Marko en el box de Red BullAs reported by Renault, only used 7 tokens related to the improvement of the ICE or drive of an internal combustion engine. The 4 tokens remaining has been invested in the improvement of the turbocharger. Being a partial evolution, that’s why Ricciardo was only able to get to be 11th while his team-mate was able to finish 7th with the specification old, although there are those that say that Daniel Riccairdo went out 19th for the penalty for the change of engine.

Renault wanted to clarify that the escapes used by Red Bull were incompatible with the new engine complete (with those 11 tokens). In addition, they have informed that the austrian team values to test it fully and adapt their escapes in the next GP. We will see the performance that has, since 11 tokens are many and if the jump is not significant, it would be a serious problem for the basis of the next year.