Renault want Alonso to be his Schumacher


The future of Fernando Alonso is in the mouth of the middle paddock. The spaniard has just contract with McLaren at the end of 2017 and has to decide what to do. If you follow Formula 1, you have several options, among which is a curious proposal of the factory where he won his two titles: Renault.

The proposal of the French team based in Enstone is, to say the least, curious: input, ensure that you do not have a car to win. That is your letter of introduction and, at the same time, his biggest problem for Alonso to be able to even study the proposal.

The project of Renault is long-term. Not going to have a winning car in 2018 because his watch is set in 2021, when it is going to produce that long-awaited changes to the law that aims to revolutionize (again) the Formula 1. The goal is to use these next three seasons as a testing laboratory in which to develop new ideas and techniques that, once united, create a single-seater capable of fighting not only by victories, but by titles.

There is where comes Fernando Alonso. In Renault considered that the example to follow is Mercedes, who recovered Michael Schumacher of retirement for the project that, to this day, reigns in Formula 1. The presence of the kaiser in the team was crucial (said by themselves) for developing the W04 of 2013 (the first truly competitive in the modern era of Mercedes), and on their basis the following who have won three World cups.


The intention is that Alonso performs that work. The technical knowledge that you have the pilot spaniard is a value that you want to take advantage of, and still has many friends and acquaintances of their two stages. The biggest problem is that Renault cannot guarantee you wins, or even podiums, as he wants to. The own , Alain Prost, which is one of the main champions of this idea, admitted: “it Would be an honor to have Alonso, but we know that he wants to win now and I do not think we can give him a winning car right away”.

The offer, in particular, that we want to present is a contract of three seasons (2018, 2019 and 2020), and may be extended if you so want Alonso. This is another bump in the road of Renault: the spaniard only wants to sign year-to-year, as it has done with McLaren, and this ensures freedom to leave it.

And What About Carlos Sainz?

In Renault want to have a couple of pilots of warranties. In Nico H├╝lkenberg rely (for the moment), but Jolyon Palmer is very far from the expectations that they have. Test Robert Kubica is not only a touch of attention to the british, but the confirmation that they are ‘casting’ to lose as soon as possible to the son of Jonathan Palmer.

If you do not convince Fernando Alonso, have to Carlos Sainz in the bedroom. The spaniard already was on the point of calling at Enstone at the end of 2016, but the position of Red Bull about it did not let them be with their services. The negotiations will continue, both this summer as the rest of the year, but it will not be simple. For the moment, they are open to listen offers.