Renault wants more models with the hallmark Renault Sport

From Australia and on the occasion of the first tests of the new Renault Megane we get the good news. It seems that in the division of sports Renault, Renault Sport, they want more models are the badge RS, that go beyond the Renault Clio RS, a new Renault Mégane RS… but what segments you want to join?How the time has come to see a SUV Renault Sport?

it Seems that the new Renault Mégane RS will have 300 hp. The first pictures could have been leaked already

Regis Fricotte, vice president of sales, communication and marketing, Renault Sport, would have indicated to CarAdvice that the brand are making the most of the potential of other models of the family RS covering as well on the streets and beyond the Clio and the Mégane a greater performance in the sports scene overall.

Now, what model could be entrusted to carry Renault Sport to a new segment?

If we attend to the range of Renault and the collective hysteria of the SUV, we could imagine already a Renault Capture RS or a Renault Kadjar RS… even previous rumors had flirted with this idea. Fricotte however seems to point before to the other paths away from the segment SUV….

All indications are that the next model with the seal Renault Sport will be the sports version of the new Renault Mégane, although of course we should also not forget of course Renault Twingo RS.