Renault was “naive” in his return to Formula 1, according to Cyril Abiteboul


In the absence of six Great Prizes for the end, many teams begin to take stock because of a season 2016 that has led to the return of one of their manufacturers, most iconic, Renault, after five seasons of absence from her official team. From the beginning, it was made clear that the expectations for this season were limited, and that the litmus test for the Enstone would be 2017, with the entry into force of the new regulation.

however, the heritage Lotus has been an obstacle very difficult to overcome for the French team, hampered by a chassis that practically was not developed in winter with respect to the 2015. To all this we must add that the addition of the Renault engine was a tremendous mismatch in the operation of the car, besides the obvious loss of power compared to the Mercedes engine. All this cocktail has been derived in a little loot just 7 points in the 15 races held.

despite the fact that they were aware that the season would be hard and a period of rehabilitation to the paddock, the director of Renault, Cyril Abiteboul, has confessed that the team didn’t expect at all to have so many difficulties even to add points to:

“it Is fair to say that this season has been much more difficult than what we anticipated and, in a certain way, another demonstration of the pace at which the Formula 1 is evolving. The car we are using is not from this year, if not that it was designed in the winter 2014-15 more or less, to which must be added the introduction of forced of the Renault engine at the last moment. Clearly, it has not been the best pregnancy that you could imagine, but still could not even imagine that in 18 months there would be so much difference between this car and the others. Maybe we were a bit naive, but that is already a thing of the past”.

Renault is located in the ninth position in the constructors ‘ championship, ahead of only Manor and Sauber, so you should not have trouble keeping their place, but the next computer in the list, Haas, is 21 points away, a difference that seems almost insurmountable at this point of the season.

Abiteboul do not lose all hope, confirming that his team does not think beyond this weekend in Sepang, and tries to maintain the pace of work both in the factory in Enstone and in Viry, in charge of the engines, but is realistic about his options:

“What is important is go race by race and be optimistic and bullish about the coming year, to try and keep the motivation high for the two teams and continue pointing in the right direction. In terms of the target for the end of the year, I would like that we were able to fight for the eighth position in the championship, which is the only position that we can choose. In my opinion, is going to be a challenge hard, because we can clearly see that the package of Haas is more competitive than the Renault now. I don’t see how we’re going to be able to secure enough points to be able to do, but will continue to be the goal”.