Renault will have an electric version of their van Master

Gama Renault Z.E.

Renault is the brand of cars that more effort is putting to the electric vehicles they may be accessible to the majority of people in the world. Their current range of electrical products ranges from the small Twizy up to the van Kangoo. However for professionals who have a business and want to move without emitting pollution into the atmosphere will have in short a version Z. E. his big van Master.

In the past Car show in Brussels the signing of the diamond has already made a version very improved of its Kangoo Z. E., but it also brought the event the electric version of the Master. As reported by the manufacturer, this model should be on the market throughout this year, and the version that will be available for sale will be only for the transport of goods, that is to say the panel van.

Renault Master Z.E.

powerplant will be formed by a electric motor 57 kW or 77 cv of power that is linked to a lithium-ion battery with 33 kWh of capacity. With this engine, the autonomy that will reach the Renault Master Z. E., is encrypted (according to the cycle of type-approval NEDC) in 200 miles. However, this autonomy may be modified in function of the conditions of use to which it is subjected to oscillating between 120 and 150 km in real.

The estimated time of recharge the battery that drive to the Master is in the environment of the six hours if the client uses the module charging WallBox (7kW of power). The benefits that you can achieve the model are modest, but sufficient for the intended use. You will reach a maximum speed of 115 kilometres an hour, which can be limited voluntarily by the driver to the autonomy end of the vehicle not to look resentful.

By now there is much more data on the model. prices and equipment available will be announced by the mark before it arrives at the dealers europeans.

Source – Renault