Renault will have another crossover for the B-segment in addition to the Capture

Renault will have a second SUV within the segment B, as from 2019 will manufacture a new crossover in Spain with the current Capture.

Andl advance of the crossovers in the market has apparently come to stay a good time, and the brands that already have a vehicle of these characteristics within the segment, but defendant already think in to enrich its range with new alternatives.

This is the case of Renault, which in the past has confirmed that the year 2019 will result in a new SUV for the B-segment, that will live alongside the Capture, a model that will have many elements in common. Both models will be produced on the floor Spanish of Valladolid, although for the time being the manufacturer has not provided accurate information about this new vehicle.

What we know is that it is a new crossover for the B-segment, although for the moment it is unknown if it will be larger or smaller than the current Capture. Some reports suggest that Renault thinks in a sort of “Grand Capture”, is a variant of battle elongated, such as is the case with the minivan Scenic.

Here is the Renault Capture with specifications Latin american

With the addition of this new model, the family of crossovers Renault will have four members, in addition to the Capture, Kadjar and Koleos. A Capture elongated makes sense if we remember that the French firm already offers in the markets Latin America and Russia, where, based on the platform used by the Dacia Duster, the model has a length.

Renault plans to invest 600 million euros in the plant of Valladolid, which will be allocated to the production of this new model, in addition to a new diesel engine of 1.5 liters. There occurs in addition to the Twizy, although the arrival of this third model should not mean an increase of the 250,000 units that are currently produced every year, as possibly the sales of the current Capture to decrease after the arrival of this new model to the market.