Renault will introduce an electric model with 350 km of autonomy

Renault Zoe 50.000 unidadesThe other day we reported that Renault has already delivered 100,000 electric vehicles. This feat would not have been possible without the firm commitment that the brand has with alternative mobility. Plus, you’re not alone on this road, next to Nissan, and their alliance, have been located as the group that have the largest number of electric vehicles sold in the world, however the competition is putting the batteries and therefore Renault is improving his range.

This improvement comes from the hand of Nissan and the modifications that are introduced in the Leaf. The compact electric of the Renault-Nissan Alliance has already managed to sell nothing more and nothing less than 230.000 units in the world. Thanks to the experience they are getting with their marketing are improving substantially size and capacity batteries.

Renault ZOE Societéhowever the turn now it is the turn Renault. The electrical model is more popular of the signature of the rhombus is Zoe, however it suffers from several problems. It is a urban in the strictest sense of the word and its autonomy still leaves much to be desired. However, Renault are putting the batteries and would already be preparing a new electric model to solve the problems of the little Zoe.

According to BFMTV Renault presented at the Paris Salon a Zoe vitaminado with a range increased up to the 350 km. This increased autonomy could be due to the introduction in the little Zoe a new battery pack 60 kWh. For its development, Nissan would have involved much since this new battery also will end up moving any of their electric models.

To end, BFMTV has also been informed that Renault also I would be developing a new electric motor smaller in size but with higher efficiency to use the energy from the batteries. This engine also would be a new battery with cells enhanced developed by LG. However, there is still no official information on the energy capacity total new package.

Source – BFMTV

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