Renault will manufacture cars in Iran thanks to an agreement with IDRO

RenaultThe part of the middle east of our world is experiencing a few terrible hours. However, there are sectors of the economy that seem to swim against the current and enduring all that you take over. One of the countries that worst what is happening is Iran because you have not just to be free of the ghost of the war. However, against all odds its automotive industry, it seems that going to a better rhythm than you might expect according to the situation of the country.

This situation is the fact that some brands, as the PSA Group, to return to the country after a time of impasse. In another place we have to brands that were present were of irregular shape and now want to settle in the country to create a lasting relationship. This brand is Renault and thanks to an agreement signed with the Organization of Development and Renovation of Industrial of Iran (IDRO) will manufacture some of their models in earth iranian.

Dacia Duster Black Touchwe Must remember that the mark of a rhombus is present in Iran since last year 2003. For that purpose, it established agreements with the local brands Saipa and Iran Khodro. However the situation of instability who lives by the government and the sanctions imposed on Iran by the international community had prevented the expansion sales than expected in the brand. In all this time Renault along with its partners have only manufactured 500,000 cars.

it has therefore been carried out this new agreement will ground on a new joint venture, and a commitment to joint investment between the two partners. For a part IDRO will provide Renault distribution network that she did not have in the country and on the other hand Renault will provide IDRO a new factory with the capacity to assemble 150,000 vehicles and a centre of engineering and development to adapt the models to the tastes of local consumers.

aim of Renault is to increase its market share up to 20 per cent from here to the next year 2020. To do so from 2018 will begin to be manufactured in their facilities, with iranian Renault Symbol and Dacia Duster.

Source – Renault