Renault will test the new MGU-K in the test of Bahrain


it Is the last litmus test before return to use the version 2017 of the MGU-K (energy recovery system kinetic). The lack of reliability of said element forcing the teams powered by Renault to return to last year’s version in the first three races of the year, therefore losing lightness and space under the bonnet, since this is 5 kg more heavy and also somewhat more bulky.

But Cyril Abiteboul has confirmed in a statement to Autosport that Renault will test the modifications in the test and that, if they work, will be introduced in the Grand Prix of Russia. “In function of the test this week, could be introduced in Sochi. The (new) MGU-K can get back on track quickly. It will help us a little with the weight and packaging, so it will be good to have him back. It will also be good to have back the complete configuration of 2017. Will give us confidence in our abilities to make improvements in the car and the engine”, said Abiteboul, who has offered to Red Bull and Toro Rosso the option to mount it also in the test.


The rest of developments will be affected by the search for reliability that Renault is still shipped, so that all the planned improvements still lack a date of introduction set. “The plans for the engine are a challenge for the reliability, that is not what we would like to have. As soon as you are controlled, you can extract more, the more the fuel, the lubricant, there are many areas in which we have planned developments”.

What has insured Cyril Abiteboul is that the B version of the engine this season will be introduced before the summer break, probably at the Grand Prix of Canada or Azerbaijan. “We will have an evolution (of the engine) before the summer, seventh and eighth race. One thing that is very important is to be synchronized with the plan of use of the engine”.